Launch A New Store

Exciting times! There is nothing like the anticipation of a store opening and the thrill of your first order. But we also know it is daunting, and knowing where to start can be overwhelming!

We hear lots of concerns about starting a new store, “ I am not tech-savvy ” or “ I do not know anything about web design ”. We will work with you to help alleviate your concerns and get you quickly set-up and confidently taking orders in no time!

Some of the activities to get you started with your new store are:

  • Connect domain names and essential Google services.
  • Design a high impact, responsive and professional website.
  • Set-up the critical functionality; check-out, shipping and returns.
  • Develop website page structure and visitor navigation.
  • Embed fundamental eCommerce principles and best practice.
  • Automate important eCommerce emails to drive conversions.

If you have any questions about the help we can offer, or if you would like to explore working together, please get in touch!



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